Walt RoboToons Perko

Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
I'm a retired computer LAN/WAN support engineer who's watched robotics since the late 1960's.

How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
I started building a robot about 1983 collecting components and various parts but never really got anything built until after I retired and began to realize kids don't belong online and I could build a robot kids can use to play with other kids that will help kids better learn the math, science, history, arts & crafts they learn in school.

What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics?
I think if I can get my R2Pv1 Educational Gaming Robot System into production and open up a few L'Robotorium shops that the interest will force the expansion of L'Robotorium shops world-wide almost overnight. But that's because my approach to consumer robotics is completely different than anything else I've seen ... all those projects that barely survive.

If you have any closing remarks or comments about robots / robotics, then go ahead.
I don't know how most homes will have the room to add another "body" running around the house ... our homes are full enough without a big fat robot taking up more space, walking in front of the TV etc...

However I do think we need smarter home appliances ... my favorite example is imaging the laundry is inside the walls ... the bedroom walls. We change our clothes in the bedroom so why isn't the laundry access in the bedroom?

So if the laundry was a tube or slot in the wall it could identify each piece of clothing, clean it and put it in the closet or a drawer where it belongs for storage until used again.

This would be a few more robotic systems in the walls, but they would be out of sight and easily programmed by ID codes on the clothing ... probably using RFID or similar tags.

ITMT, I've been designing parts and kits for home hobbyists to download FREE for personal use ... to print on their 3D plastic printers (like the PP3DP that so far looks to be the best under $3,000) ... as a means to support those FREE downloads I'm selling RoboToons t-shirts based on RoboToons cartoons I've been publishing weekly for quite a while now ...

RoboToons cartoons "The Host in the Machines" series:

T-Shirt display/sales:

[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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My primary cartoon character "BillyBot"