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Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
My interest in robotics is exactly what my company describes from year 2006, when I left my salary of my job for starting this new adventure for me:

RO- BOTICA is an official and an exclusive distributor of the most advanced educational platforms and flexible robotic robots in the world, that is suitable for schools, colleges, universities, foundations, robotic workshops, individuals, families, courses and robotics competitions.

How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
My interest in robotics started in 1983, and seriously in 1993 when I was student of Telecomm and electronic Engineer (UPC) and I organized the first robotic workshop with LEGO and the first Sumo robot contest organized by students of an european university.

What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics?
In our country we have a serious problem that jeopardizes the future: technological vocations shortage. Personal robotics will soon be everyday in our homes, and education and educational roboticsis the first step of this revolution is beginning. The robot is without any doubt the new century learning tool for the XXI century, because for its multidisciplinary approach that allows combining programming, mechanics, electronics, artificial intelligence, and the high degree of motivation and fun that conveys to children and adults. Educational robotics is the base of the robotics future. Things that make you think when you are child can drive and lead you a lifetime.

We believe on times of accelerated technological changes (and the related social changes are happening although we perceive them as linearly changes as always used to do across the centuries) and we have to prepare our children for the first technological singularity of the history of human civilization when machines will pass the AI Turing Test (a test proposed for Alan Turing in the middle of past century XX for demonstrate inteligence of a machine.)

The social changes that this singularity that will bring us the technical impossibility to distinct a machine from a human is really big singularity and with social, philosophical, technological, biomedical, nanotechnology, and ethical implications.


The video is from year 2008, when I inaugurated the first face shop (presential) only specialized in educational and personal Robots in Europe (Barcelone, Spain). Before we only were operating online in Internet:

I propose robotics in primary school child as a way to recreate environments and robotized situations with animals, persons, machines, characters, explaning stories in the classrooms, working educational crosscurricular competences not necessary technological topics: history, language, social sciences, oratory, working in team assuming different rolls for having in mind preparing our child to the singularity that is near and our youngest people, our sons, will have to live with this milestone, maybe some day between 2019 and 2029... The singularity is very near and AI advances will happen more fast than we perceive in these exponential changing times.

Internet and Social Media are examples of revolutions not predicted by nobody 15 years ago, and will accelerate even more this not returning process related with intelligent machines, AI and robotics.

RO- BOTICAs mission is therefore to bring robotics to education, leisure and homes, and promoting personal robotics and technology, that is providing access to our store of robots, robot kits and more advanced training anywhere in the world at all times.


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[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Toni Ferraté started in 2006 RO- BOTICA that is an official and an exclusive distributor of the most advanced educational platforms and flexible robots in the world.

Toni Ferrate