Mimoks Usb Toys

Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
I´m a Superior Technician in Automation-Digital Electronics and an University Programmer Analyst from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found Mimoks 2 years ago. It is a little business project, where I sell handmade and miniature "artistic" robots that can be connected to the computer. These robots are USB powered, they have a microprocessor to control them, and some types of them, have facial expressions. They produce sounds, can move, and can have light, sounds and proximity sensors, to be a part of a little body. Now I´m working with new models, similary to these ones, and others, that are more complex, ex. like a robot dog and a collector robot.


How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
I suppose a movie like "Star Wars" made me like the robots, and after I have learned to do some electronics, I started to make my own robots.

What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics?
Robotics have to be part of an informatics class on the schools. This is the way, to how kids will getting to know and understand robots and familiarize with them. If robotics is reducing people, from doing danger work situations, then it will be populary in the future. Robotics have to be used more in rescue missions. The actual problem isn´t the movement capacity, it is the intelligence. But, this is not a problem, if robots are remote controlled or are remote supervised. They can move in reduced spaces and lift big weights and support high temperatures or radiation. Electrical household appliances that can do their own tasks, ex. like vacuum cleaners, pool cleaners, lawn mowers are very well accepted, and it is for sure, that they will be very populary in the future.


If you have any closing remarks or comments about robots / robotics, then go ahead.
I think it is a good time for robotics, similary to the first time of the home computers. There are some good open source robots, specially designed operative systems and programming languages FOR ROBOTICS, that are accelerating its development today.

Blog: http://www.mimoks.blogspot.com

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[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Mimoks Usb Toys

Federico Delafosse founded Mimoks USB Toys for two years ago. It is a little business project, where he is selling handmade and miniature "artistic" robots that can be connected to the computer.