Marque Cornblatt

Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
I'm an artist, inventor and filmmaker working with "tools, trash and technology." My work spans a wide range, from robotics to videogames to sculpture. I recently had a 25 year retrospective exhibition in Baltimore MD. Currently I am producing a web series called Guns & Gardens - a DIY reality show for surviving during a zombie outbreak.

How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
I made my fist robot in the 1970's. It was a motorized slot-car that I connected to a 1-channel RC controller, allowing it to be remotely operated. It was hacked together with very little skill and I over-powered it with a 9-v battery. By the end of the day it had literally torn itself apart. After that, I knew I was onto something interesting. Years later I was living in San Francisco as an artist, working with found objects, small TV sets, motors, etc... and making them into figurative sculptures.


In 1992 I found a working motorized wheelchair and decided to make a mobile sculpture that was also a self portrait. The results are called Sparky 1.


Since then, the concept of Sparky and mobile telepresence has been rapidly evolving. I recently launched the Sparky Jr. network ( to provide free software and instructions for building DIY telepresence robots using common technologies, like Skype, Roomba and Macintosh.

What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics?
I don't think this is a problem. In my view, the amount of interest in robots has never been greater. There has been more innovation and development from both institutions and individuals in the field in the last 5-10 years than in the entire time before. However I DO recommend joining the Sparky Jr. network ( to anyone interested in telepresence.

[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Marque Cornblatt

Marque Cornblatt