Antoine Hue

Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
I am Antoine Hue. I have interest in cosmetic making.

How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
It began far in the past, in the 80, just after the beginning of personal computers. At this time, I dreamed on the first robots sold which looked like R2D2 and on robots arms with a claw. But I didn't have enough money to buy them. It stay a dream until I discovered Nao in september 2007. Since this day I spent time and energy on robotics and particularly on nao.


What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics?
We are at the dawn of serious robotics and there are so many projects that its impossible to know all of them.
However, it would be useful to try to identify them to create synergies.

If you have any closing remarks or comments about robots / robotics, then go ahead.
It will take many years before useful robots enter houses and I think artificial intelligence is late compared with mecatronic.
Useful robots will enter homes when artificial intelligence will be far more developed. Meanwhile, the robots will remain a matter for specialists.


[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Antoine Hue

Screen Capture from the Video Blog about the robot NAO from Aldebaran Robotics, which Antoine Hue is the Editor of.