Anna Natale

Describe yourself: Who you are and what you're doing?
My name is Anna Natale, I am 29 years old and I live in Brazil. I am a researcher about art, body, science and technology. My major was in Graphic Design and then I did masters in Interactive Medias and now I will start my second masters related to the concept of Cyborgs. Even though I studied graphic design, my projects usually had sci-fi themes and in the university I studied they wanted to make students change fields easily. So, it was great for me. Now I am doing masters in Contemporary culture and my project is about military robots that use biological structures. My masters started last week and probably instead of working with human bodies I will work with military robots projects. And I like this idea.

How did your interest in robots / robotics start?
I am very interested in how we are changing human bodies with science and technology - it's like we are becoming robots and vice-versa. I think that we have a need to improve ourselves, to be immortal, to be gods that is extremely interesting. I believe that many of the sci-fi movies will become reality. Its a desire in us that is creating our future and robots are a huge part of our fears and desires.

What kind of actions needs to be done in the community to increase the interest and the awareness of robots / robotics
What I really like is to hear about the robot projects that make them similar to humans, in appearance or A.I.
I have no idea how to improve the interest of robots, but I think your website (Vive Les Robots!) should have more content


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[source: Vive Les Robots!]

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Anna Natale

Anna Natale is a 29 years old woman from Brazil. She research about art, body, science and technology.